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Some information about who we are and what we do

About Us

Our ethos at Perranporth Surf School is simple: to provide the highest quality surf lessons, in an informative and fun way, and at the best value possible. Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we have never strayed from that ethos, which is why we have established a solid reputation as one of Cornwall's best surf schools. It's what keeps our customers returning to us year upon year.

Uniquely situated directly on the beach throughout summer, our base is just 'a stone's throw' from the waves, literally! We are a fully insured surf school, regulated by and affiliated to Surfing England, the national governing body for surfing in the UK. All our instructors are experienced and fully qualified Surfing England & ISA (International Surfing Association) coaches and beach lifeguards, meaning you are in good, safe hands... Promise!

Meet the Team



Role: Manager/Head Instructor

Country of Birth: South Africa

Years Surfing: 30

Years Coaching: 15

Qualifications: Surfing England/ISA Level 2 Instructor; SLSGB Beach Lifeguard

Places Travelled/Surfed: South Africa, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Marocco, Mexico

Interesting Fact: Worked as part of the water safety crew on the Robin Hood filmset in 2009



Role: Head Instructor

Country of Birth: UK

Years Surfing: Standup: 6yrs; Bodyboarding: 15yrs

Years Coaching: 4

Qualifications: Surfing England/ISA Level 1 Instructor; RLSS Beach Lifeguard

Places Travelled/Surfed: UK, Australia, Portugal, Indonesia, Spain, Morocco, France, Canada, Ireland

Interesting Facts: Also a photographer, and one half of slownsteadylivin'



Role: Customer Service Administrator

Country of Birth: UK

Years Surfing: 3

Years Coaching: Not applicable (yet)

Places Travelled/Surfed: Cornwall, Australia, Indonesia, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Sardinia

Interesting Facts: The other half of slownsteadyliving, Steph is currently writing and illustrating a children’s book about surf adventures



Role: Instructor

Country of Birth: UK

Years Surfing: 13

Years Coaching: 1

Places Travelled/Surfed: UK, Morocco, USA

Interesting Facts: Spends his winters as a ski instructor.



Role: Instructor

Country of Birth: Cornwall

Years Surfing: Almost a decade

Years Coaching: 1

Places Travelled/Surfed: U.K.; France; Thailand; Indonesia. And, many many more to come!

Interesting Facts: Represented England in surf lifesaving, and now trialing for the GB team, too.



Role: Instructor

Country of Birth:

Years Surfing:

Years Coaching:

Places Travelled/Surfed:

Interesting Facts:

'Nstructor Jack


Role: Team Mascot Instructor

Country of Birth: England

Years Surfing: Will be 4 years this summer

Years Coaching: 2 (unofficially, of course)

Qualifications: SLSGB Surf Cadet Award; Junior First Aid, including CPR and defibrillator certification. Well done, Jack!

Places Travelled/Surfed: Cornwall... Give me a chance, I'm only 11!

Interesting Facts: After being introduced to surfing by Perranporth Surf School whilst on holiday in 2015, Jack's 'froth' for surfing was so strong that he convinced his parents to relocate down to Cornwall so that he could pursue his career in surfing. Jack is so keen that he even volunteers his time during the school holidays to help and assist our instructors in delivering lessons. We are happy to consider him part of our team.



Role: Instructor

Country of Birth:

Years Surfing:

Years Coaching:

Places Travelled/Surfed:

Interesting Facts: